Professional Education

What makes these courses good and who do we recommend them for?

UK degrees are among the most prestigious in the world. You get world class education that makes you a global job candidate. Studying locally at INtel also gives you a number of advantages. Local studies save you thousands in tuition fees. Studying aborad also includes maintenance and upkeep costs. These courses are best suited for students who have just cleared there o-leves and have passes. The first step towards your internation career in Business or IT starts here.

Professional Education Programme Categories

The International Computer Driving License ( ICDL ) Course

Gain the necessary IT skills for further studies and career development.

Accounting for Business

Learn about keeping accounting records for analysis and decision-making

Computerized Accounting

Learn about keeping accounting records for analysis and decision-making using accounting packages


Become an expert coder in a few weeks!

Mobile Application Programming Skills

Learn how to create mobile apps that can support business.

Database Management Systems

Become a pro at managing any database.


Become a seasoned specialist in computer systems and configurations.

IT Technical Support

Learn how to solve IT-related problems in the workplace.

Graphics Design

Master the art of creating visual content for various channels.

Web Design

Plan, build and manage a website all by yourself!