About INtel College

INtel College has been established since 1990. Our partnership with our key partner, the University of Sunderland, UK goes back to 2000 demonstrating maturity and proven results in delivery of education at international standards.

INtel College
Our college campus, based in Westlands, at the end of General Mathenge Road, is a custom-built campus. The continuous developments of the college learning facilities are stimulated by new technologies and a clear understanding of the 21st century learning experience. The campus offers facilities that incorporate modern technologies, that include fast internet services, and interactive technologies for teaching. INtel offers a vibrant campus atmosphere, located in a beautiful quiet and serene environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

The quality of teaching at INtel is informed by pedagogical research, as well as with employers, to ensure that students studying here are equipped with skills required to succeed in a highly competitive graduate job market. Extracurricular activities are designed to build confidence, while teaching students to lead and work within teams. Our employability skills workshops, that are offered to our students, ensure that students gain valuable skills to prepare them for the job market, in addition to their specialist knowledge. This is indeed reflective in our annual graduate employment statistics.

Our programmes ensure that we engage the student in all aspects of their experiences at the college both in and out of the classroom. We extend our interactions to parents and sponsors of students, through regular face-to-face meetings to discuss student progress.

The campus atmosphere is vibrant and ‘buzzing’ with students using both indoor and outdoor learning spaces, enjoying refreshments at the INtel “Hub” Cafe and making friends that last a lifetime.