We’re here to help. What would you like to know about INtel College?

Why should you consider INtel College?

INtel College has been established since 1990. Our partnership with our key partner, the University of Sunderland, UK goes back to 2000 demonstrating maturity and proven results in delivery of education at international standards.

Our college campus, based in Westlands, at the end of General Mathenge Road, is a custom-built campus. The continuous developments of the college learning facilities are stimulated by new technologies and a clear understanding of the 21st century learning experience. The campus offers facilities that incorporate modern technologies, that include fast internet services, and interactive technologies for teaching. INtel offers a vibrant campus atmosphere, located in a beautiful quiet and serene environment that is safe and conducive to learning.

Our approach combines local context with an international accreditation that is applicable to any job market. Think beyond the textbook and four classroom walls. We will help refine your goals and career path as you go deeper into your chosen field.

That’s not all. The peaceful and pleasant environment on campus provides the perfect backdrop to your student journey.

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