Professional Development Courses

(Professional Development Courses)

Information Sheet

This information sheet provides a brief of professional courses offered at INtel College

The college offers a variety of professional courses in both Business and Computing/information technology fields. A range of specialist courses are derived from current requirements in the IT field and contemporary business arena.

Course Aims

  • The programmes aim at providing skills and knowledge attainment for personal development and career advancement. There are many benefits which include new and improved course materials, which remain on the cutting edge of contemporary issues in both Business and Computing world.

  • Whether you are starting out on your career, an established manager or a professional looking to develop a team, these programs will act as your reliablepartner in professional development from start to finish.

Course Objectives

  • • Delivering outstanding professional development courses.

  • • Align market requirements by ensuring that employer needs are met through integration of both theoretical and practical concepts.

  • • Provide participants with relevant knowledge and skills in their area of specialization. This is achieved through collective interactive discussions that help further participants’ interests and knowledge.

  • • Provide a framework for responding to specific labor market and skills development needs.

  • • Sustaining a vibrant scholarly community and supporting interdisciplinary training.

Course List

1The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Course An internationally-certified globally-recognized IT skills course. ICDL serves as a pre-university course for IT skills competence, and provides computer skills necessary in the work place.
2ProgrammingFrom basic concepts of programming, to in-depth programming skills in several languages. We teach you how to think and code, in an easy way, all the way to expert level
3Graphics DesignLearn computerized design skills to create visual and textual content for print matter such as posters, advertisements, packages, magazines etc. Students build portfolios in class as they develop their abilities in design work.
4Web Page DesignLearn how to conceptualize, plan, build, manage and secure web sites. Our courses build from basics of web design with HTML to advanced webpage-building techniques. Learn layouts, writing and managing web content. Our other courses include learning how to manage websites, and include web programming, security of websites and e-commerce portals through our courses such as CGI, scripts, and programmes
5Computerized AccountingOur courses run from theory of book-keeping and accounts, to the use of Computerized accounting packages, for effective management of company accounts and financial reporting.
6IT Technical SupportOur courses cover IT set-ups, maintenance, troubleshooting problems, safeguarding data, virus control and managing internet connections.
7NetworkingA practical course on fundamentals of computer communication, setting up internet access, connecting and configuring hardware devices, both local and wide area networks, and the wireless versions.



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