Foundation in Business Programme At INtel College

Programme Aims

  •   Foundation in Business aims to provide an educational foundation for those eventually wishing to pursue careers as Managers, Marketers, Human Resource and Finance specialists, becoming competent professionals in an ever-competitive international market. The specialised studies offered are directly relevant to individual vocations and professions in which students will be working. They are also tailored to fit the students intent to progress to a diploma equivalent programme..

Student(s) will be required to undertake 6 units

Introduction to Accounting
Effective People, Communication and Information
Exploring Business Activity
Investigating, Recruitment and Selection
Investigating Business Resources
Introduction to Marketing
Digital Marketing

Entry Requirements

  •   The course is open to students who have completed high school, successfully completed IGCSE/GCSE or its equivalent and wish to attain solid foundation skills in Business. This will enable them to progress to University level education or a Diploma Programme.

  • Fees Structure

    Admission Fee: KShs. 10,000/- (includes use of library and internet)
    Tuition Fee:KShs. 92,000/- per term (course is completed in 2 terms)
    Any Extra Unit: Kshs. 30,000/- per unit

    Admission Process

    •   Download and Complete the Admission Form from here

    •   Provide certified copies of your academic credentials AND 2 Passport size photos

    •   Admission fee payment of KShs 10,000/- (ten thousand shillings only) by cash deposit direct to the college account or by cheque payment, or by MPESA (PAYBILL)

    •   Submit the application and proof of item 3 above to INtel college.



    Programme Objectives

    Foundation in Business is designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and relevant skills required for progression to a Diploma in Business Programme or other equivalent programmes. It is also meant to bridge students who have not met the minimum entry requirements to the Diploma programme.

    The course exposes students to general areas in Business preparing them for a competitive market by equipping them with hands-on skills in a variety of business subjects such as book-keeping, marketing, communications and human resources.