Association of Chartered Certified Accounts - ACCA

Programme Information

This information sheet provides a brief of the ACCA Programme, offered at INtel College.

The ACCA programme is ideal for those who wish to be most relevant in the diverse business environment by becoming better Business Managers. The programme covers a broad range of business principles and applications that may be encountered in the global environment.

Programme Aims

  •  The main aim of this programme is to help managers enhance their decision-making capability as well as adopt adaptive strategies to fit into the global market. This is what INtel College prepares you to be; a savvy and proactive Manager.
  •  ACCA is designed in a manner that will enrich the students in a progressive way as it is divided into various stages. Each of the stages contains various units that help to broaden the candidates’ creativity as well as managerial skills. The units offered at each stage help equip students with necessary knowledge and appropriate managerial skills to run and manage businesses successfully.
  • Programme Objectives

  •  This course is designed to equip students, especially those targeting work in international organizations, to be business savvy and competent. Its objective is to give students a platform to exercise their entrepreneurial skills and management capabilities. This is achieved through the interactive nature of the course as provided at INtel College.
  •  The programme forms a progression path to various further study options including; Business Management, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Marketing.
  • Progression to further studies

  •  ACCA qualifications are recognized by universities all over the world. With the ACCA Essentials Level, students have a huge variety of options available. ( At INtel College, students are eligible to join the final year of the BA(hons) Business Management Programme of the University of Sunderland. This is a one year part-time programme. Details are available on the BA(Hons) Business Management information sheet.


Students are required to register with the ACCA examining body in the UK as a student, either by post or online.

ACCA is divided into THREE levels as explained below.

This qualification provides an introductory grounding in business for those who have not studied the equivalent of a UK A-level. It will help to prepare you for the next academic stage and make the transition to higher level study easier for you.

Learners must complete THREE mandatory unit.

F1 AB – Accountant in Business F2 MA – Management Accounting
F3 FA – Financial Accounting
This is a shorter diploma for those who wish to get a basic grounding in business, progress quickly onto the next ABE level, and go on to employment (if you wish to progress to a university degree the 8 unit - 120 credits - Level 4 Diploma will provide more favourable progression options)

Comprised of SIX mandatory units (15 Credits Each).

F4 CL–Corporate and Business LawF5 PM – Performance ManagementF6 TX – TaxationF7 FR – Financial Reporting (UK or International)F6 TX – TaxationF9 FM – Financial Management
Provides a thorough grounding in business management and a springboard for academic progression. The units listed below, with the FOUR units in the Foundation Diploma, will provide you with an ACCA Level 4 Diploma in Business Management.

Comprised of THREE units in total (15 Credits Each).

P1 GR&E – Governance, Risk and Ethics
P2 CR – Corporate Reporting (UK or International)
P3 BA – Business Analysis
This qualification will develop a strategic understanding of business management principles and practical application. It is at the same level of difficulty as year two of a Bachelors degree.

P4 AFM – Advanced Financial Management
P5 APM – Advanced Performance Management
P6 ATX – Advanced Taxation
P7 AAA – Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International)
Operations Management(20 Credits)
Analytical Decision-making(20 Credits)
Effective Financial Management(20 Credits)
Managing Stakeholder Relationships(20 Credits)

Admission Process

  •  Complete the admission form from here.

  •  Provide Certified copies of academic credentials AND 2 passport size photos.

  •  Admission fee payment of KShs 10,000/- (ten thousands shillings only) by cash deposit direct to the college account or by cheque payment, or by MPESA (PAYBILL).

  •  Submit items 1-3 above to the college reception.