BA (Hons) Business Management


Information Sheet

INtel College and the University of Sunderland work in a collaborative partnership to offer a variety of University of Sunderland Programmes right here at INtel College.

This information sheet provides a brief of the BA (Hons)Business Management Programme of the University of Sunderland, at INtel College.

This programme is designed for students who already have a recognized Advanced or Higher Diploma in Business Studies or related field, and wish to convert this into an Honours Degree, through one further year of part-time study.

The course creates Managers, who will be capable of effective management across a broad range of disciplines required in today’s environment. The Programme offers an opportunity for a career in a diverse role in accountancy, manufacturing, the health sector, banking, marketing etc.

Course Aims

  • To enable students to demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of organizations, the external environment in which they operate and how they are managed.

  • To assist students to develop a range of subject specific and transferable skills which will prepare them for a career in a wide range of commercial and not-for-profit organizations.

  • To develop and maintain an awareness and understanding of business in a regional, national and international context.

  • To develop students’ transferable skills of analysis,judgment, communication and independent learning.

  • To widen access to undergraduate business management courses for students by providing a flexible mode of delivery, with appropriate student support and guidance.

Candidates on this Course will:

  • Develop key management skills and techniques found in the management of strategic projects, financial analysis, strategic management of markets and people, within the context of a dynamic contemporary business environment.

  • Be able to critically evaluate a range of business models and concepts in business and apply them to specific business situations.

  • Be able to integrate and critically evaluate a range of conflicting business arguments and evidence, demonstrating an understanding of relevant contemporary theories and concepts across a range of business areas.

  • Understand how to apply independent research skills to a range of business and management issues.

Course Units

To achieve the above award students will be required to complete the following 6 units over one year of study attending classes twice per week (weekdays from 5:30pm to 8:00pm or on Saturdays from 08:00am to 10:30am). 2 subjects will be studied per term

Nov/Jan – March
Assessment Hand-in April
New students only
Managing Projects
(SIM 335)
Marketing Strategy
(MKT 306)
Assessment Hand-in July
New students only
Strategic Management
(SIM 336)
Strategic Management
APC 309
Assessment Hand-in October
New students only
Contemporary Development
In Business and Management
(SIM 337)
Strategic Management of
Human Resource
(HRM 325)

In addition to attending lectures with University of Sunderland-approved lecturers, students will have access to the University on-line library, be invited to attend video conference sessions with the university and undertake various sessions offered by the University during University visits to INtel College. Attendance of classes is a requirement and assessments are set and graded by the University

Course Requirements

  • Recognized Higher or Advanced Diploma or equivalent

  • ABE Advanced Diploma in Business

  • The Kenya Institute of Management(KIM) Diploma

  • An EDEXCEL Higher National Diploma in Business or related area;

  • 120 credits or equivalent of a recognized undergraduate award in a relevant Business and Management related discipline.

  • Fees Structure

    FeesTuition Fee UK 3,000 pounds Payable in installmentsLocal Fee KShs 40,000/-
    Includes University online library membership, exam/assessment fees, use of internet, labs

    Admission Process

  • 1. Complete the admission form from Our Admissions Link

  • 2. Provide 2 passport size photographs

  • 3. Provide your CV detailing your qualifications and work experience

  • 4. Provide letter from your supervisor stating your job position and job description

  • 5. Provide certified copies of your academic credentials

  • 6. Provide English proficiency letter or KCSE Certificate (with pass in English Language)

  • 7. Make application fee payment of KShs 2,000/- (two thousand only) by cash deposit direct to the College account or by cheque payment to INTEL COLLEGE, or by MPESA (PAYBILL)

  • 8. Submit the application and proof of item 7 above to INtel college.

  • Intakes

    2017 Intakes
    9 January 2017 completion January 2018
    15 April 2017 completion April 2018
    15 July 2017 completion July 2018
    4 November 2017 completion November 2018
    8 January 2018 completion January 2019