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We've been in training offering world class higher education courses for over 30 years

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About INtel College


INtel College has been established since 1990 and in January 2020, launches its new Indigo Innovation and Co-sharing space. The college partnership with our key partner, the University of Sunderland, UK goes back to 2000, demonstrating quality of education delivery and proven results that meet international standards.


What we offer:

1. Academic programmes- study locally and receive globally-recognized qualifications

For learners studying longer courses such as Diploma and University of Sunderland degree programmes. The college specialises in Computing and Business subject areas offering certification from international bodies.

2. Executive Education- new skills quickly and efficiently

Working within a busy schedule? INtel College offers a variety of courses that can be done quickly and comfortably. Learners can elect to take a course in group classes or in customised individual one-to-one sessions. Executive education is also offered to corporates wishing to train staff members in specific areas.

3. International examinations:

INtel College is an accredited examination centre for various examination bodies. Ask us about taking your CIM, ACCA, ABE, BTEC, ICDL and many more.

4. Innovation and Co-sharing Space:

INtel’s new co-sharing and innovation space, the Indigo Space, opens January 2020. Users will have opportunities to access a work space that is technology-driven with fantastic views, away from traffic and pollution. In addition, users will be offered business support, networking opportunities and a chance for collaboration at different levels.


More About Us


Modern, Beautiful, and peaceful: A custom-built facility based in Westlands, at the end of General Mathenge Road. Our location is centrally located and easy to get to by either private or public transport.


The facility is immersed in great natural beauty. A backdrop of bamboo and acacia tress alongside a beautiful river, attract monkeys, ducks and other wildlife. Built in a cul-de-sac ensures no noise from traffic, bringing a place of quiet for study and work.

Learning spaces:

Fast internet, upgraded IT facilities, technology-rich modern classrooms reflect today’s learner needs: The continuous development of the college learning facilities are stimulated by our clear understanding of the 21st century student needs. Our classrooms are digitally-enriched, offer ergonomic seating with flexible settings that enable the best teaching and learning pedagogies. Learners are assured of fast internet throughout the campus. Within the college 2019- 2022 strategic plan is a priority for continuously upgraded IT facilities and systematic renovation of our learner spaces.

Informal learning spaces:

The facility offers custom designed spaces outside the learning areas and workspaces that help to bring community members together and create a sense of ‘belonging. These spaces are located both indoors and outdoors, providing places for fresh air and sunshine between work or learning time. The ‘Hub Café’ serves light meals and refreshments throughout the day

Work Spaces:

Our innovation and co-sharing space offer inspiration to entrepreneurs through stunning ‘green views’ of the trees and the monkeys. Members can anticipate a community of peers, availability of mentorship programmes, with learning and guidance opportunities with industry experts. Members of the Indigo community join a community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed


All programmes of learning at INtel benefit from a quality of teaching that is informed by pedagogical research, and market needs. Using a variety of active learning strategies, classes emphasize a student- centred approach; students are thus able to engage successfully in the learning process through discussion groups, hands-on and experiential learning activities, while enjoying the challenge of gaining new skills.