University of Sunderland BA (Hons) Banking and Finance


Programme Objectives
The course provides a range of career opportunities including although not exclusively the academic stage of training for a career with the Banking and Finance operations by:

  1. An in-depth study in context of substantive areas of the banking and financial system, typically international banking regulation, financial markets and the determination of monetary policy.
  2. Providing a critical understanding of the theories, activities, policies and marketing within the context of banking and financial business
  3. Critically understanding the limitations of the current state of financial theories in making strategic business decisions.

Programme Outcomes

  1. Develop critical thinking and analysis skills in a range of areas of banking, finance and business, including factors affecting business performance in international markets, international banking business, networks, structures and competitiveness, solutions to international financial crises, the risk and return, the level and structure of interest rate, money demand and supply.
  2. Application of key concepts such as key valuation concepts and tools associated with financial decision-making, management of projects, security prices and payment on mortgage loans, and forecasting foreign exchange rates, to practical business problems or issues.
  3. Develop critical appreciation of the business context in which the banking industry operates and an ability to apply general management techniques to management key approaches of banking and financial operations.

University of Sunderland BA (Hons) Banking and Finance

Course Fees


Tuition Fee UK 3000 pounds
Payable in installments

Local Fee       KShs 30,000/-

Includes University online library membership, exam/assessment fees, use of internet, labs

University of Sunderland BA (Hons) Banking and Finance
Programme Structure  

To achieve the above award students will be required to complete the following 6 units over one year of study attending classes twice per week ( weekdays from 530pm to 8pm or on Saturdays from 08am to 1030am).

Module Title

Module Code

Contemporary Development in Business and Management

SIM 337

Money Banking and Finance

APC 312

Managing Projects

SIM 335

Financial Markets

APC 313

Financial Management

APC 308

International Banking



In addition to attending lectures with University of Sunderland approved lecturers, students will have access to the University on line library. Attendance to classes is a requirement and assessments are set by the university and graded by the University.

University of Sunderland BA (Hons) Banking and Finance

Admission Process

The normal entry criteria for admission to the above Programme BA (hons) Banking and Finance are that students have successfully completed a recognized Higher or Advanced Diploma or equivalent.  This could be an ABE Advanced Diploma in Business, an EDEXCEL Higher National Diploma in Finance, or Business or related area or 240 credits or equivalent of a recognized undergraduate award in a relevant finance, banking, business and management related discipline.

Completing the Admission Process

  1. Complete the Admission form (available at the college or at
  2. Provide 2 passport size photographs and certified copies of your academic credentials
  3. Provide your CV detailing your qualifications and work experiences
  4. Provide letter from your supervisor stating your job position and job description
  5. Make application fee payment of KShs 2,000/- (two thousand only) by cash deposit direct to the College account or by cheque payment to INTEL COLLEGE.

Submit items 1-5 above to the College Administrator

University of Sunderland BA (Hons) Banking and Finance

What is the next step to enrolling on the BA (Hons) Banking and Finance Programme?

  • Submit your completed application to INtel College
  • INtel will then forward your application to the Admissions Department, University of Sunderland, Business School
  • Successful candidates will receive a letter of offer from the University  ( via INtel College)

Click here to download application form

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