Students Activities

INtel College encourages students to not only study but also have fun. This has been done by setting aside a day whereby students engage in different activities. In order to make it more enjoyable the students are given the privilege to come up with various activities hence making it more fun & exciting.

This brings about students from the both the computing and business departments thereby creating a great way of getting to know each other, trying something new as well as keep up a hobby or interest.

There’s always a day of fun sports whereby a group of students get together, form teams and challenge each other to a football match . They also have a game of volleyball, here it is the lecturers that they challenge.

The college often makes visits to children’s home, where the students do not go empty handed. A collection of food and basic necessities is carried out over a week period before the due day.

After a whole week of studying and working on the looming assignments, the students decide to have a chill out at the rooftop, with snacks and drinks and a DJ () who plays music to add flavour;as part of the chill out students also carry out a cook out just outside the college, seeing in this picture students are busy cooking up a dish of rice.

The students also celebrate Diwali, whereby they come dressed up in Indian outfits and get a chance to have a walk during a fashion show to earn the position of the best dressed male/female. For this students get to win vouchers to a lunch or dinner and therefore competition is high

The students also get a chance to have members from well known organizations to come give them a talk on what they do. Over the past month, we have had the opportunity of having a Red Cross member come share information. We also had members from imperial bank who came to give us a talk on how to deal with money issues and how saving is important from early times.

You should come join us for the fun!

Student governance
The INtel Student Governing Council (ISGC) is made up of the President and the Vice President. They are  in charge of the day to day activities of the college. Two additional posts Secretary and Treasurer have been proposed to strengthen INtel Student Governing Council(ISGC)