INtel College Current Achievements

INtel College's goal is to provide quality service to all our clients, with the developing techniques in IT. INtel has now gone a mile further in developing and improving its delivery systems.Of course, academic success is important, but we like to look at the bigger picture too. We invest in a wide range of support and advice services, and we are now setting new standards in this exciting and expanding field of study, packed full with the latest equipment that are specifically designed to better teaching. Not only is all the best equipment at hand but also importantly, students are in the right environment to develop their skills and nature their talents. One thing you can be sure of is the fact that more and more top students have INtel College as the starting point of their CVs.

INtel College which was established in 1990 has a wide range of modern computer laboratories and other facilities for students undertaking Information Technology programmes. We have acquired the latest delivery techniques just in time to provide quality training facilities to our esteemed students. INtel is now a hotspot with a high bandwidth connectivity covering up to 100 metres outside the building, new vista labs and electronic podiums for modern teaching, we are constantly striving to enhance these facilities in-line with changing academic and professional demands. This enables us to give students the best possible feedback on exercises designed to develop their professional skills.

INtel College now stands out as one of its kind in Kenya, where the college offers a chance for students wishing to have the international feel to study locally for two years and choose to transfer to UK for their final year, or finish the degree locally. This changes and enhances academic perspective, it also gives the students international exposure and feel which they can apply in today’s life and when dealing with multi-national companies (MNCs) in future.

INtel College is now offering BA (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management, in addition to BSc (Hons) Applied Business Computing and BA (Hons) Business Management. INtel College is proud to announce that the University of Sunderland's MSc. IT Management and MSc. Project Management are now being offered locally.

INtel’s graduates progress to top Universities in the UK, Australia and Canada for various programmes. Additionally students have secured top jobs in Kenya within three months of graduating. Check out our student’s news letter for the updates.